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Emergency Cleanup was developed as a environmental hazard specific remediation company. Corporate goals have been established to become a regional specialist with dedicated, well-trained personnel to administer our comprehensive programs and services. Each remediation will have a project manager assigned from onset though completion to provide oversight and minimize exposure

The reputation of the company will remain as a paramount priority and we will strive to provide a knowledgeable and fair assessment of each hazardous material remediation project we are involved in. Communication to the building owner/decision maker as well as to the remediation workers will follow an educational course and will prepare them to make informed decisions that will insure safety. Prior to re-occupancy of the contained space, testing will be done to insure that the space passes air quality standards.

Insurance representatives recognize Emergency Cleanup as a reliable organization with a reputation built on trust, integrity, quality, and service.

When disaster strikes, what you need is a company that responds quickly. Emergency Cleanup has the ability to handle all of your residential and commercial environmental cleanup and restoration needs. We understand insurance restoration and the insurance companies operating procedures.

From initial disaster containment, through computer generated line-item estimate, to complete restoration of your property, we perform all tasks related to getting you back to the way you were. Our commitment goes beyond repairs. It extends through dependable, competent, personalized service. This is what has made us a leader in the property restoration field.

Our 24-Hour Emergency Service is prompt and thorough.

24-Hour Emergency Line (602) 690-9460

Services offered by Emergency Cleanup include:

Regional Catastrophe (CAT) Response

• Asbestos Abatement

Mold and Mildew Remediation

• Large-scale Dehumidification



Equipment, Production Line and HVAC Cleaning

Emergency Cleanup provides a wide range of services for loss mitigation, which include:

Emergency Cover-Up and Board-Up (fire, vandalism, vehicle damage)

Content Pack Out

Storage of Contents


Document Drying

Many other Specialized Services

Our Pledge to You

We pledge that we will always be available to you, reliable in our response and quality of work. Conscientious about how we take care of your property by being efficient and prepared for any emergency or remediation project. Contact us today for a Free Estimate.


AZ ROC 250015 K5 DUAL


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